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Cashew industry in our country is facing a stiff competition from countries like Vietnam, Brazil, Mozambique and Tansania. India stands 2nd in the export of cashew kernels in the world. Kerala state stood 1st in the extent of area under cashew during 1970s. But with the expansion of area under rubber, major area under cashew of the state were converted to rubber plantation. At present Kerala stands 6th position in area and 5th position in production among other states viz Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh, Odisha, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Kerala’s contribution to Indian cashew industry is remarkable in the processing and exporting sectors. There are about 800 registered cashew nut processing units in Kerala employing 3 lakhs workers, of which 95% are women. The main crisis facing the cashew industry in Kerala is the diminishing trend in the domestic production of cashew nuts which in turn is due to the large short fall in the area under cashew cultivation and also the low productivity of the traditional crop. A quantity of 6 lakh MT RCN is required for the smooth functioning of cashew industry in Kerala. But our current domestic production is only 83000 MT. This huge gap could be bridged by expanding the area of cashew cultivation intensively. Government of Kerala to overcome this above crisis constituted KSACC in the year 2007 vide G.O(MS) 55/2007/ID. The mandate of KSACC is to expand the area under cashew cultivation in the state and simultaneously achieve better production through vertical expansion by increasing the productivity through cultivation of High Yielding Varieties (HYV) of cashew. The vision of the Agency is to increase the domestic annual rawnut production from 83000 MT to 6 lakh MT in a phased manner through promotion of cultivation of High Yielding Varieties cashew grafted plants among farmers and other public with the support of Agricultural Department and LSGD and thereby ensure a steady supply of raw nuts for the industry.

KSACC has distributed 8964040 nos. grafts from 2009-2021 and covered an area of 43489 Ha. Currently 24661 Ha are exists in the field after causalities due to climate change, drought, flood, land slide disasters and attack of pest and diseases. A quantity of 43021 MT cashew nut produced by farmers has been share to the production sector during 2021-22.

During 2022-23 about 880000 nos. high yielding variety grafts developed by KAU and ICAR will be distributed under the schemes Cashew Model Garden, Cashew Model Farm and Muttathoru Kasumavu. Apart from this a new cultivation technology viz, Ultra High density planting developed by DCR Puttur and CRS Madakkathara is being introduced by KSACC in the field as a trial in an area of 10 Ha.

Further KSACC focusing on the formation of Farmer Producer Organisation to expand, popularize the HYV crop and getting better price for the nut by following the slogan ‘Unity is great strength’ for every successes.

Sri. Shirish K., Special Officer (Cashew) is the Chairman of the Agency appointed by the State Government and Governing Body comprising of 15 members including the representatives of leading political parties and Officials representing different Departments and PSUs as its members.

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